Manned Guarding & Reception Security NCC uses a security company that provides a comprehensive manned guarding service for all sectors. To ensure that our clients receive the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism from their security team, our security officers are trained above the industry requirements. They are fully equipped for their role and supervised via a 24 hour manned control centre. Mobile Security Patrols NCC Security Company operates mobile security patrols in the South East London area. Our random patrols deter would be vandals and others from attempting to gain access to premises. Chauffeur Service NCC Security drivers are fully experienced in high security environments working with either your own security team or our fully trained security team, Close Protection Officers and Bodyguards available on request. Security Escort - Our escort teams can undertake any form of escorting, from babies attending contact visits, to school runs, to secure jobs to the Central Criminal Courts. We can provide a driver only or a driver and any number of escorts (although two escorts is usually sufficient for secure transport). We provide multi gender and multi racial teams. Security Couriers - Our company strives to provide the best available in protection programs and security transport couriers combined with a high-technology knowledge and high security thinking using the latest in protection, transport, counter and surveillance equipment. Security transport couriers for individuals and corporations requiring the fastest and most secure way today in transporting low volume valuables, documents, materials and equipment. All of our transport services are done incognito with specially trained security couriers.